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MXN MB MEGA Clothing set|MB MEGA 衣服套装|

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1. 由于活动特殊性,本次产品不接受退货退款,请您在购买前仔细考虑并确认。

2. 产品为宽松版型,请务必留意尺码。

3. 所有产品将于中国内地或中国澳门邮寄发出,请顾客自理所在收件地区或国家之入口税费用。

4. 如有任何疑問,請務必聯繫

Notes & Terms:

1. Due to the special nature of the event, returns and refunds are not accepted for this product. Please consider and confirm carefully before purchasing.

2. The product is a loose-fit oversized style, please be aware and check the size cart.

3. All products will be sent From Mainland China or Macau, China. Please be aware customers are responsible for the import tax fees of the arrival area or countries.

4. Any enquiries, please contact