Nega C.Fashion shop由曾留學英國(畢業於金斯頓大學時裝設計系)之服裝設計師Isabella Choi主理,成立於2011, 致力在本地開拓自家品牌,為顧客提供舒適、時尚的衣着體驗,主營Nega C.品牌服飾、禮服/戲服個性化訂製服務、自家製手作飾品。

 “The life you love, the love you live”,一直是NEGA C. 跟隨的創作宗指。品牌以熱愛生活,不被年齡所規限的活潑女性為藍本。以休閒生活作為主要概念,融入街頭文化,音樂及藝術等原素,創做出復古中帶可愛淘氣的風格。

。About NEGA C. 

"Nega C. Fashion shop, was found by fashion designer Isabella Choi, (graduated from Kingston University, London BA Fashion). The brand was established in 2011, aims to provide customers with comfortable and stylish clothing experiences. The brand offers an affordable shop clothing collection, personalized tailoring services for formal/costume wear, and handmade accessories.

“The life you love, the love you live” has always been the design principle of NEGA C.'s creations. Inspired by vibrant women who love life and refuse to be constrained by age, the brand adopts a casual lifestyle as its main concept. It incorporates elements of street culture, music, and art to create a retro style infused with cute and playful touches 

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